It's more than just good coffee!

The Lake City Café provides refreshing beverages, top of the line Javesca Coffee and doughnuts
each Sunday before each of our services. We designed the café as a perfect place for you to
meet with a group, connect with others, and build relationships.

Our coffee is missional!

Lake City Church is partnering with Javesca Coffee to help feed the hungry.  Feeding
sites are located in Guatemala & Burundi.  For every pound of coffee that is purchased
or brewed in the Cafe, Javesca provides a pound of food to feed hungry families.

What can you do?  
You can make a small donation towards the coffee that you drink each Sunday or
purchase Javesca Coffee for $15 a pound to take home with you to enjoy.

This is also a great conversational starter.  
Tell your friends what we’re doing so they can join us. Together we will feed the world