Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of people where you can get connected. These groups help form life-giving friendships, and grow in your relationship with God.  While there are many types of groups, the purpose of all of them is to draw you into a deeper study of God’s word, a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit, and more genuine relationships with other people here at Lake City Church.

Although we have access to one another through all the various forms of technology, we are seeing that people in general are lonelier than ever. We believe that investing in a Life Group will produce connections that provide authentic community! We were made to do life together!  Prayerfully consider being a part of a Life Group!  You won’t regret it.

Lake City Life Groups: Where Life Happens!



Grow is a great group to join if you are new in your walk with God, or if you are looking to grow further in your relationship with God.  Join Pastor Rob & Diana as they walk alongside you and teach some principles of living the Christian faith!

Meeting Time: Sunday, 1:30pm(bi-weekly)
Where: Langtree Campus

Young Adults

Contact: Zach & Vanessa Leiners

Young adults join the Leiners in their home beginning September 24th! They will be meeting every other Saturday after that for a great time of connecting and fellowship!

Meeting Time: Saturday, 5pm(bi-weekly)
Where: 103 Elgin Lane Mooresville, NC 28115

Focus Your Faith

Contact: Gail Collins

Bring pen and paper as we focus on scripture and learn how to fuel our faith, finances and health and starve our doubts to death!  This is an adults only group! No childcare available!
Meeting Time: Saturday @ 5pm (bi-weekly)
Where: 322 Caldwell Avenue, Mooresville
Phone: 704-662-2269

Married Couples

Contact: Jesse & Heather Spradley

"Being married is like having a best friend that doesn’t remember anything you say!” Lol! If you can relate, come on out to the Married group with Jesse & Heather!  It will be a lot of fun, and we may even learn a thing or two!
Meeting Time: Friday 6pm bi-weekly
Where: Langtree Campus


Lunch Bunch

Contact: Jane Gray

Join some other women for a fun lunch out!  Once a month, treat yourself to a yummy lunch and some great fellowship!
Meeting Time: 2nd Wednesday of the month
Where: Various restaurants around the Mooresville area

S.O.W.: School of the Word

Contact: Jim Belcher

S.O.W. is a bible study that meets every Sunday morning in Room 400 to go deeper into the word!
Meeting Time: Sunday 10:00am
Where: Brawley Middle School


Contact: Virginia Stewart

This group is for “Girlz” of all ages & stages in life.  We gather together to love, laugh, cry, eat, pray, share and even swim some times.  We need each other, especial-ly in this hectic life.  That is why we need to Connect.  Join us.  We meet in different homes, usually monthly.  We have a Facebook page.  Go to “Girl Friendz Connect Group” and click add.
Meeting Time & Place: Various times and homes

Prayer Gathering

Contact: Rob & Diana Spradley

Everyone is welcome to the prayer gathering!  It’s a place to pray for specific needs of the church and personal needs as well!  We believe in the power of prayer!We have seen God show up in amazing ways! Join us!
Meeting Time: Tuesday Night: 6:30pm-7:30pm: Weekly
Where: Langtree Campus

Building Strong Families

Contact: Scott & Charity Smith

Scott & Charity Smith are the Family Ministry Pastors @ Lake City Church!  They also have5 children of their own!  Their group will be forfamilies, and children are welcome! This group will a little bit of study and a whole lot of fun!

Meeting Time: Sunday 6pm
Where: Langtree Campus


Contact: Paul & Rena Taylor

Just looking for a fun place to connect to people at Lake City Church? This is a great group to jump into! Join the Taylors at their home on Sunday nights food, fun, and fellowship!
Meeting Time: Sunday (bi-weekly)6pm
Where: 202 Gannett Road Mooresville, NC 28117


Contact: Jim Belcher

This is a Bible study for men of all ages based on the movie Courageous. It’s an 8 week study that will be encouraging and insightful! Men who are leading a family, are engaged, or plan to one day lead a family, this is a great group for you!
Meeting Time: Tuesday night7:30-9pm
Where: the Langtree Campus

Lake City Students: Guys

Contact: Zach Leiner & Micah Nelson

Middle & High School guys will meet at our Lake City Student Director’s house every other Saturday starting Sept. 17th.
Meeting Time: Saturday, 11am
Where: 103 Elgin Lane Mooresville, NC 28115


Lake City Students: Girls

Contact: Vanessa Leiner & Maranda Nelson

Middle & High School Girls will meet at the Nelson’s house starting Sept. 17th.
Meeting Time: Saturday @ 11am
Where: 2232 Triplett Rd. Mooresville, NC 28115


Contact: Adam Southard

Christian Apologetics: Engaging the Christian faith intellectually and giving the reason for the hope within us.
Meeting Time: Monday 6-7pm
Where: Langtree Campus

Merry Hearts

Contacts: Butch & Jane Gray, Eddy & Paula Jeffers

Merry Hearts is for our 50 and over group of people who love to get together for fun events throughout the year. Times and places vary. This group is definitely for the young at heart!



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